Live Event Support

Audio Production

By combining our knowledge of small to large scale audio systems and our experience producing events, our team focuses on providing your event professional audio equipment with high standards of quality and service. Our systems range from small scale boardrooms up to large scale concert sound systems for more than 20,000 people. No matter if it is one microphone or hundreds, our team will make sure your event sounds great.

Video Production

Our live video services include the latest display technologies from projection to LED walls that we can tailor to fit your budget and your space. From small board meetings to conferences and concerts in the thousands, we can handle single and multiple screen setups. We can also augment these systems with live camera switching to make sure everyone can see, whether they are in the room or are watching online. If you want to keep the footage for archival purposes or post the sessions online after the event, we have editing and post-production services to meet your needs.

Don’t forget to ask us about options like closed captioning and low sensory rooms to make sure that everyone is included and has their needs met.

Lighting Design

We have a wide variety of lighting equipment that can cover stages and groups of all sizes, from solo presenters to large performing groups.

Our fixtures include:

  • Fresnels, Ellipsoidals, and Pars for stage wash
  • Moving head intelligent lighting (spot, beam, and wash)
  • LED color wash fixtures
  • Crowd Blinders
  • Arena haze and fog machines

All of our equipment can be floor-based or rigged to meet your needs.

Breakout Room Support

Not only can we support large ballrooms and arenas, but we can also support your workshops, too! We have rolling “Breakout Boxes” that contain all of the necessary equipment to help the presenter be successful. Our staff sets up the equipment before the start of the workshop then checks on the presenters before each session to make sure all of their technology needs are met. We can support workshops ranging from just a few people to over 100 people! Let us know what you need, and we will discuss the equipment options with you.

Graphic Design

Our staff is also equipped to support your event graphically. Whether you need a logo created, slides made, or you just want to give us what your team has created, our staff will do what is necessary to make your slides look good on screen. Our graphic designers can lay out your presentations, song lyrics, pre-event announcements, logos, animations, and any graphics or videos used throughout the sessions.